We also supply 11 KV lines and grid sub station products to state electricity departments of north India The range consists of the following products:

-- 11KV/33KV/132KV/220KV Earthing Sticks Set
-- P.G. Clamp
-- T-Clamp
-- Aluminium Thimbles of all sizes
-- Chain Pulley Blocks of all capacities
-- Crimping Tools ( Manual as well as hydraulic)
-- Aluminium Ladders
-- Line Man Tool Kits
-- Pulling and Lifting Machine
-- 11KV cable end termination kits
-- PVC Tapes
-- 11 KV G.O. Switch male female contacts
-- Fuse wire of all sizes
-- 11KV protection gloves
-- Dragon Light for patrolling the lines
-- Digital Earth Tester
-- Digital clamp On Meter
-- Digital Multimeter
-- Flood Lamps for yard lighting
-- Insulative Rubber mats

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