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Intelligent Sharing Auxiliary Wake Up Device

Intelligent Sharing Auxiliary Wake Up Device

Intelligent Sharing Auxiliary Wake Up Device

Main functions

1. It can help the elderly to get up easily and enable them to get up independently for reading, watching TV, resting ,eating and other daily activities;

2. It can help the nursing staff raise the elderly in the nursing work, carry out inspection, nursing, rehabilitation treatment, eating, bathing, changing clothes, sitting in a wheelchair and so on;

3. It can help the old man carry on some simple movement, help promote old man body blood circulation, relieve muscle atrophy, tissue necrosis and edema caused by limb without moving for a long time,and help the old man's limbs function recovery;

4. It can adjust large angle from 5 ° to 87 ° : help the old man to adjust angle and position of sleep, and can let old people relax the body, to get better sleep;

5. It can monitor the heartbeat function, breathing function and sleep effect of the elderly during sleep, establishing a big sleep database for the elderly, and help medical science collect big data, through the analysis of the old man's sleep data to set up a correct treatment plan for old people;

6. This product has the advantages of light quality, small volume, solid and practical structure, long service life, simple operation, easy to carry, no installation and direct use. Combined with the sharing system, shared lease can be realized, bringing convenience to some old people and rehabilitated patients who use it for a short time.

Intelligent Sharing Auxiliary Wake Up Device
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